Homemade Goat Milk Soaps
Table display with Lynda's soaps.
Lynda's Pride homemade soaps are made the old fashioned way. These are cold processed soaps using lye and poured into wooden molds. Homemade lye soap is considered one of the mildest non-irritating soaps you can get. Lye soap relieves itching and helps with psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. My soaps are made with essential oils and goats milk, which greatly benefit your skin and your health. The acids found in goat's milk attribute to its natural softening properties. Goat milk when mixed with soap, makes a great cleansing agent and is closest to your skinís natural ph level. This means that if you have delicate skin, you can trust goat milk soap. Goat milk soaps create a richer, creamier lather, making your skin softer.
Shows in 2021

April 7, Uvalde Farmers Market, Uvalde, TX
April 23, Andy's River road market, Concan, TX
April 29, Women on the Frio, Concan, TX
May 5, Uvalde Farmers Market, Uvalde, TX
May 21, Pearls Market Days, Leakey, Tx
June 2, Uvalde Farmers Market, Uvalde, TX
June 18, Market Days, Leakey, Tx
July 2, July Jubilee, Leakey, Tx
July 7, Uvalde Farmers Market, Uvalde, TX
July 16, Market Days, Leakey, TX

SAXET GUN SHOW, San Antonio, TX********

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Lynda's Pride
sample of soaps.